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Pre-purchase Inspections of Your Home in Halifax

When you want to buy a home and need pre-purchase inspections in Halifax and surrounding areas, you can rely on Peck Home Inspections. Julie Peck, your home inspector, is RHI-CAHPI certified and carries Errors and Omissions insurance, which ensures quality inspection services.

While performing inspection, I have always encouraged you to be a part of it. This gives you the opportunity to better understand your home and your home inspection. I take into consideration the outside and the inside of the house to provide you proper details of your home and take lots of photographs during the inspection. I provide a thorough report based on a visual non-destructive examination of readily accessible present in the home. The report is well organized and also contains photos and information to help maintain your home to be more energy-efficient.

I can do specialty inspections and perform any kind of home inspections. I am able to provide you with a variety of specific inspections which includes:

  • Deck inspections  
  • Wood burning inspections 
  • Foundation inspections 
  • Thermal inspection (on request)
Looking At the Roof

Peck Home Inspections Respects Your Privacy

Your inspection report is confidential and you can be assured that I will not share the inspection report in any form with anyone without your written permission. Your privacy is important to me.

Please Note

I do not perform inspections on well and septic, water conditioning systems, fences, sheds, hot tubs and pools as they are specialized services.

The inspection report which I provide is the current condition of the home, and is not a guarantee or warranty of the home.


What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

Upon a mutually agreed time, I will meet you in the driveway of your prospective home, condominium, (or current home, as I also perform pre listing inspections). Please feel free to accompany me as we look at your home.

  • We start from the outside taking a look at the roof, siding, grading, decks, windows, electrical entrance, decks and other systems pertaining to the outside of the home and property. Well and septic, fences, sheds, hot tubs or pools are specialized systems and usually not included during the inspection, as these are usually specialized services. We will likely discuss: the grading around your home, caulking, weather-stripping, and painting in the form of regular maintenance. Once all observations are noted, and questions answered we move inside to the basement or crawl space.

  • The basement – heating system, hot water tank, laundry facilities, electrical panel, entrance to the garage and other installed equipment, located within the lowest level are some areas I focus on. Any system that helps the home function, I observe. I will identify immediately any areas of concern or something that may help in the safety or comfort of your new home.

  • On the main and subsequent levels I continue to observe floors, walls, ceilings, water and drainage systems, doors, washrooms, windows and attic access. I will check a representative number of outlets to verify function. Under the sinks and toilets I look for evidence of past leakage, plumbing traps and the materials used. I open and close all doors and windows; inspect your wood-burning fireplace, wood or pellet stove (if installed).

  • In the attic I will note the level and type of insulation; assess ventilation, signs of past leakage, or other areas of concern. I will also observe around any penetrations in the roof such as plumbing vent pipes, kitchen or bathroom exhaust piping, and a chimney penetrating through the attic space.

I usually do not walk on the roof as it tends to make my insurance company uncomfortable, is an extra danger, and may lead to roof surface damage.

  • The inspection is complete. I verbally review findings and answer any questions you may have; I will write the report. You’ll not find any new information within the report about your home. It is organized and presented in a format discussing the different systems within your home, and a summery. Your report may help to provide a list of repairs or maintenance recommended.

  • The report is yours to keep; as it also contains reference information tailored for your home, areas of concern and may provide you with knowledge to help take care of your home, with energy efficiency in mind. I will not discuss your report with anyone other than you without your written permission. Your privacy is very important to me.

All home inspectors have their own procedure to inspect your home. This is my way of systematically assessing one of your largest purchases of your life. I don’t want to leave anything out.

Thank you for your time. I hope you have a better understanding of your home inspection process. I look forward to meeting you.

Thermal inspection is available upon request. If your concerns are: 

  • A flip 
  • Damp basements 
  • Electrical inspections



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